DançAr: Dancing in the Brain

Why dance? Why would anything/anybody dance? Why do humans dance? Why do I dance?

Oh man, learn to dance

Dance is a fundamental form of human expression and communication consisting of movements and shapes which can be induced through music, but also detached from any external source of sound. The motivation to dance throughout cultures and history is very diverse. Dance can be part of social and religious ceremonies, it exists as a form of art and it can act as a medium of communication between individuals, but also within a dancing individual (for a dancer to communicate and reconnect with himself).

Attributing Agency

No-one can deny our intense feelings of being the authors of our own actions, gifted with freedom to decide according to our own will. These feelings are as real as the colors we see. And yet, just as colors, they exist only in our heads. Perhaps we really are just automata passively responding to external stimuli, despite our definite, yet subjective, conviction of the contrary?


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